Woven House by Yong Studio

Located in a suburban area in Kuala Lumpur is this uniquely designed terrace house by Yong Studio. While it may not be as intricately designed like some other examples seen, there is beauty in its simplicity. The basis of its design according to the interior designer is to create a space where the owner can live in harmony while creating an environment that promotes the feelings of happiness, safety and love.

In the initial brief provided, the owners expressed their desire for more natural light within the home, to be able to see more greenery. Taking this key things, the house was redesigned to incorporate these different facets into it overall layout. Keeping to an overall clean palette, the design of space is then created to incorporate these key elements such as the enclosure that houses a tree within the front of the home.

The design style created is what the designers at Yong Studio have termed “Wabi-Sabi” which comes from the Japanese and means a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection and the roughness of life. To create a home that exudes a holistic approach to harmony not just in the spaces created but also for the family living within its walls.