Setiajasa House by Seshan Design

This endlot terrace house in Medan Damansara was completely made over and extended. What initially was planned by the owners for resale changed as they decided to make this their home instead. The design of the house was created with the flexibility and adaptability of space in mind in order to create a home that would be able to evolve and change with the changing needs of its owners.

The house was a narrow endlot terrace house with a long driveway. To create more functional space which adds to the privacy of the home, the driveway was split by a unique feature wall piece which consisted a mix of concrete vent blocks and red bricks to also create a focal point from a design perspective.


With an inner courtyard created, this then flows to the side courtyard which allows more sunlight into the home while aluminium framed glass doors allows the space to be opened up to the living, dining and kitchen spaces within the home. This allows the house itself to achieve an openness while still maintaining some privacy.