Rumah Gerbong by Studio SA_e

Located in Bintaro within the province of Jakarta, Indonesia is this fascinating project called Rumah Gerbong. What initially started as a residence was over time renovated to suit growing needs of the family and the husband who was operating an architectural practice from home. 

Over time the house was expanded as the family purchased the house immediately behind theirs and expanded the existing footprint of their home.  

With the purchase of the house behind the existing home, the redesign and renovation then focused on creating two distinct space within. One which serves more as a public and work space at the front of the house and the back and upper floors designed for the family. These two distinct spaces are separated by an indoor courtyard that acts as a transparent boundary between the these distinct spaces.


Now who said working from home needed to be boring? With Rumah Gerbong, it has seamlessly created a space that is inclusive to both family and work life.