Riuh by Paperspace

First impressions often leave lasting impressions and with the Riuh House by Paperspace this is definitely the case. The first thing that catches your eye is the large timber screen that dominates the upper section of this terrace house.


The timber screen serves not only to enhance the overall facade style but is also function. It serves both as a shade from the sun while allowing the occupants to open up the inner space without compromising on privacy during the day. This doesn’t mean that these timber screens are a fixed feature.

The timber screens can also be slide aside in order to provide more unobstructed views of the neighborhood.

The interior of the house is no less intriguing. Beginning with its entryway, the design style extends from the screen element on the exterior. A timber finish is maintained to provide consistency in style while the terrace house features a full width entrance.


The interior space can be completely opened up to the car porch. To provide privacy, pivot able wall panels are used to allow the owners to choose whether they want to open up the indoors either partially or fully or keep it closed to maintain privacy.


The indoor spaces also combine materials to create a look that is both minimal yet luxurious on the ground floor and bathrooms while the rooms recreate more warmth with wooden flooring and finishes. Skylights are also incorporated to allow more sunlight into the home and breakaway from the normal darker spaces common to the average terrace house design.


Check out the pictures of the exterior above and the interior spaces below.