Planter Box House by Formzero

Designed as a house for a retired couple who are passionate about growing their own food, the plants that fill the Planter Box House changes from garden, farm and house depending on where you’re viewing the house from. This helps create a redefinition of contemporary tropical house.


The house with its cascading concrete planter boxes occupied with more than 40 types of edible plants on every floor, creates a strong visual contrast with the surrounding houses. Its recessed frontage provides additional public spaces for inter-neighborhood interaction. Beyond the boundary, the first planter box is built around an existing jasmine tree. This planter serves an urban furniture, a connection between the couple and their neighbours.

The internal spaces are imbued with a strong sense of hospitality and caters to the owner’s love of urban community living and farming. Upon opening the gate, one could experience the light and cross ventilation while also able to view the whole ground floor as there are only glass walls and window in between the front and the back. Separated by the living room and the central staircase of the house, the back of the building is designed with a double volume kitchen and dining area with full height glass window that could open outwards towards a green wall at the back.