Jose House by Fabian Tan Architect

Single storey terrace houses are often overlooked by home buyers as these homes are usually viewed as having less space. But the Jose House by Fabian Tan Architect is one perfect example of how a single storey terrace house can be remodeled to not only create more space but also do it in a way that appeals to both existing and new homeowners with how it approaches space creation. 

From its simple yet clean interior layout, this house features a loft styled master bedroom allowing for more space on the ground floor to be repurposed. But what is even more fascinating is how the rear section of the rooftop is transformed.  The rooftop now features an open space that not only provides an open space to host small gatherings or a barbeque on cooling nights but also incorporates a skylight that allows sunlight into the home during the day making the normally darker interior of these terrace houses brighter during the day time.