"Minimize to Maximize" has always been The Crafters' core idea and vision.

But before we go into details, let us first tell you who The Crafters really are. We The Crafters are basically a group of experienced property consultants, skillful contractors and creative interior designers who are passionate enough to work hand in hand for you.

Our mission is simple, we transform your new or old properties into new look to help you in attracting top rental dollar in current competitive property market.

As mentioned earlier, our direction is "Minimize to Maximize" which simply means minimizing the money spent by you in hope to maximize your rental dollar. We are capable of doing this simply because The Crafters have a common goal - your project, which to be delivered to the highest standard, on time and within budget.

By using our specific design plans, we are ready to help a property investor & seller like you. Please kindly contact us now for your booking and our consultants will arrange to meet up with you.

Phone: +6016-316 9986