LUXUR is a professional architecture and interior firm supported by a dynamic group of overseas architects and designers from Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia. To be one of the leading Singapore architects and designers, LUXUR sheers away from cookie-cutter designs and puts emphasis on harmonizing design, art and culture create an individualistic character of each project. In additional, LUXUR has a collective experience encompassing a diverse range of project types, scales and budgets. Integrating with the high quality of design attitude and friendly managing strategic, LUXUR brings itself into a niche market for both design impression and business network.

LUXUR is about being practical as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We aim to enhance the constant balance of practical needs and create dazzling space integrating with dramatic artistic expression - be it inventive, contemporary, or nostalgic. LUXUR is committed to delivering excellent designs, ensuring professional integrity and commitment in our projects. We believe that a good simple design - complete with strong emphasis on affordability and functional living environment - goes a long way. 

82 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore, 42779, singapore
Phone: +65 6440 8885
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