New alarm system, doorbell and outdoor security camera for a more secure connected home by Nest

POSTED 2 years ago

Home automation has been gaining popularity of late and one of the earliest players Nest Labs, Inc. recently unveiled a series of products for a more secure home which helps homeowners secure and remain aware of the security of their home at all times.

Beginning with its Nest Secure home security system; this brings a more connected home security capability that is easily installed in any home. Consisting of an array of wireless sensors called Nest Detect that is able to detect both open and close movements as well as other motion within your secured home, the Nest Tag key fob that makes it easier to arm or disarm the Nest Secure alarm system without needing a passcode and the 'brain' of the system, a Google Home-like station called a Nest Guard that is equipped with its own motion sensors, speaker and even a panic button for emergencies.

The security monitoring of your home through Nest Secure can all be monitored through the Nest App which provides alerts to homeowners if something is wrong with their home. Professional monitoring services are offered in the US and it is unclear if services of this sort will be extended to the other markets. 

Available from USD499 for the starter kit which consists of a Nest Guard station, 2x Nest Detect sensors and 2x Nest Tag key fobs. Additional Nest Detect sensors will set you back USD59 each while the Nest Tag's are an additional USD25 for every additional one needed.

A first for Nest is the launch of its Wifi enabled Nest Hello connected doorbell. Featuring playback capability for pre-recorded quick response messages and its face detection technology which can inform a user if the person at the door are people you know or strangers makes for an interesting proposition to its overall connected home proposition.

Targeted to be made available by the first quarter of 2018, pricing for Nest Hello has however not yet been revealed.

And finally is the extension of Nest's security feature beyond the walls of your home with the release of the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor which is the outdoor version of their indoor home security monitoring cameras and is designed to withstand rain, wind and even snow (not a big issue in South East Asia) making it durable for outdoor use. 

It's tamper proof mount and hidden wires is designed to make it harder for the cameras to be tampered with. Coupled with the same face detection technology as found in the Nest Cam IQ and Nest Hello, the camera's can be set to trigger alerts to your Nest App with an added subscription for the premium services available.

Ready for pre-order and expected to ship out in November, at USD349 the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is hardly the cheapest option in the region. But its key proposition lies in a more connected home security service, one that allows you be continuously aware of the safety and security of your home. 

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