Dual-Key Designs with Double the Functionality and Twice the Fun

POSTED 3 years ago

Entrance Walkway features plenty of storage

Run-of-the-mill apartments usually comes with a single unit with several rooms and adjoining bathrooms. Most buyers and renters will be stuck with a single choice or at best a selection of a few design types, but it’s still locked within the same type of unit with only less than a few variations. These days buyers and renters are more discerning and properties come with a swath of choices.

One of the more popular varieties found today is the dual-key unit apartments, and best exemplified in the Paramount Utropolis integrated development in Glenmarie, Shah Alam. The university metropolis, with KDU University College as its anchor, is one of the first in the country and boasts dual-key serviced apartments. As a buyer, you will have the flexibility to either stay in one unit while renting the other as a secondary income or to rent both and maximize the capital gains from the unit you’ve bought.

Meanwhile as a renter, you get your own privacy as both studio and 2-bedroom units within the dual-key apartment has its own entrance and kitchen space. These type of apartments are ideal for students, as it’s both spacious and functional, yet allows for much needed privacy whether it’s during rest time in bed or rushing to complete an assignment in a group study in the living room.

The birth and growth of university metropolises

Inspired and anchored by the flagship 10-acre KDU University College, the university metropolis will be complemented by residential, commercial and retail components. Residents will be able to enjoy a unique lifestyle experience unlike any other in Shah Alam within a self-contained township with all the bells and whistles that a learning environment creates while the upcoming LRT Line 3 station close by increases connectivity.

The recently launched Utropolis residential section consists of 253 units across two towers, with spacious layouts ranging from 797 sq ft to 1,202 sq ft, with 90% of the units being over 1,000 sq ft. Its layouts are practical for first-time buyers and keen investors looking to explore into a new burgeoning market while being functional for college students and bachelors alike.

The concept for dual-key serviced apartments was designed not only for students but also the needs of a couple of family in mind; a homely yet fully functional environment where students or families can live comfortably, study well and have loads of fun within the units interesting yet cozy space.

Ideal interiors for both bachelors and families

The spaces are flexible and functional with plenty of fun and filled with useful storage solutions. The studio apartment was designed by Palladio Interiors with a bachelor or single-occupying student in mind, whereby the compact space is maximized in every possible corner. The dual-key apartments exude a youthful vibe and innovative with useful functional options. This is when a careful balance of aesthetics demonstrates that small homes do not have to compromise on good design.

The studio apartment exudes a modern, progressive vibrancy with its overall contemporary muted colours while brighter tones of maroon and magenta are interspaced in accents. This contrasting palette creates an exciting and energizing atmosphere that would create an ideal environment for youths pursuing their often fast-paced and challenging nature of higher education.

Its furniture surfaces are largely coated with laminated wood, adding a touch of warmth to the contrasting cooler hues of grey and off-white on the studio apartment walls. The entrance walkway is cleverly designed in such a way that it gives a sense of busyness with its floor-to-ceiling cabinets, while giving adequate space for decorative items. The space then continues to a fully-functional built-in kitchen system that sits opposite to an L-shaped dining area.

For students with an active social life or those hosting classmates for a study session would find the dining space to be a great area for group work and discussions. It’s equally ideal for buyers who plan to live there with their family too, as both units are adjacent but at the same time each has its own kitchen and private space. The best part is that the rooms are spacious enough for either a king size bed or two single beds.

Varying types of textures and materials are also used in the dual-key units. Marble, travertine, wooden lamination, just to name a few. Bright fabrics are placed in both living rooms and the bedrooms, adding to its exciting pop of colours. The floors are all made with large 1-by-1 feet porcelain tiles, making it easy to clean and thus ideal for busy students with little time to maintain their homes.

In this day and age of an ever-increasing student population and bachelors looking for their own unique pads, Paramount Utropolis seems to have gotten it spot on. It caters both to their immediate needs while giving functionality and flexibility a new aesthetic meaning.