Caring for Your Laminated Flooring

POSTED 3 years ago

Caring for your laminate flooring by Tigerwood

There’s a good reason why laminated flooring is often the chosen type of flooring for most residential and commercial spaces over solid wood flooring. It’s thin and tough, comes in a variety of designs, and often doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to clean and maintain. Laminated flooring is also more durable than solid wood and does not expand and contract easily over time if exposed to sunlight and humidity, as it’s often the case for buildings in tropical weather.

Another major advantage compared to solid wood is that it mimics the look-and-feel of natural timber but comes at a fraction of the price. The installation of laminated flooring also takes much lesser time, less of a hassle and does not require superior (and often costly) workmanship.

Choosing the best quality product

Just like any other products that will be frequently used, choosing the right quality flooring will save you maintenance money and drastically reduces the possibility of replacing the flooring in the long run. Tigerwood excels in this aspect, as all their floorings comes with the highest rating of Abrasion Class (AC) in the market – a rating system based on a series of tests that include impact resistance, burn resistance, stain resistance, swelling under moisture, and also includes a Tabor Abrasion test which rates a flooring board from AC1 to AC5.

The higher the AC counter indicates a tougher laminated flooring. All of Tigerwood’s flooring products are rated AC5 that is designed for high-traffic areas like shopping malls, department stores and office buildings, making it ideal for both residential and commercial usage. It has also introduced a first-ever high moisture resistance in the Malaysian market, Green Core, while boasting the best-in-class water resistance features vs other existing laminate floorings in market.

These three features combined makes Tigerwood laminated flooring a great choice especially for a tropical and humid area like Malaysia. A better-quality flooring would automatically be far easier to maintain over frequent usage on a long duration of time. 

Recommended caring and cleaning measures 

One of the main benefits of laminated flooring is ease of care. It won't take a lot of time or effort to make your flooring look consistently great. The easiest and best way to caring for your laminated flooring is to tackle small tasks on a regular basis. Some good caring and cleaning habits include:

• Attaching felt pads or other similar products under furniture legs and ensure that chairs with rollers are of the soft type and recommended for use with laminated floorings to reduce scratches

• For those with a penchant for indoor plants, do place drip trays under potted plants.

• Dust and dirt should be removed either by utilizing a vacuum machine and/or by soft bristle brooms before mopping the floors with a well wrung mop.

• Although there is no risk of warping if the laminated flooring is installed properly, it’s best to use proper floor cleaners suited for laminated wooden floors

• Allow floors to dry completely after applying cleaners or laminate flooring treatments

Things to avoid doing

Ensuring a long-lasting flooring that shines like it was just installed yesterday while caring and cleaning for laminated flooring is important, but there are also certain methods and matters that are best avoided:

• Do not allow huge puddles of water to form, especially over a long duration of time, as it may result in water damage. It’s also unadvisable to clean it with a steam cleaner.

• Avoid polishing the laminate floor or using floor wax, steam clean, floor polish or other similar products.

• Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar head unless the beater bar is switched off.

• Do not wear shoes with spikes or stiletto high heels.

• Avoid nailing or screwing any fixtures into the laminate flooring. Failure to adhere to this may render the warranty for the laminated flooring null and void.

While laminated flooring often comes with a long period of warranty, as Tigerwood does with an upgradable lifetime warranty for a fraction of a cost, it’s also crucial to take pro-active measures to care for the flooring of your choice on a regular basis.

Laminated flooring brings together the beauty of a natural looking solid wood floor and the ease of maintenance so you can have the style you want and the hassle-free maintenance you need. When you follow these smart ways of flooring care and maintenance guide, you can expect years of beauty from your laminated floor.