Electrolux recalls four models of glass gas cooker hobs in Singapore

POSTED 3 years ago

Electrolux issues recall of four glass gas hob models.

On the 7th January, Electrolux Singapore issued a recall for four models of glass gas cooker hobs following reports of glass tops shattering and small explosions occurring while in use. Singapore's safety authority Spring Singapore and Electrolux have both issued a call for consumers who have purchased the affected models to stop using the products immediately and to get in touch with Electrolux Singapore for a refund.

A full recall has been made by Electrolux in Singapore for the models EGT9637CKP, EGT7637EGP, EGT7637CKP and EGT7627CKP that run on town gas and sold between 2014 and 2016. Affected consumers are urged to get in touch with Electrolux Singapore by:

  1. Email customer-care.sin@electrolux.com,
  2. Contact the Electrolux Customer Service at 6727 3613 / 6727 3699 between 9am and 5pm daily or
  3. Submit via www.electrolux.com.sg

We are however curious that in a statement to the Straits Times, Electrolux indicated that they have been closely working with Spring since April 2016 when the first incident was reported. One does wonder why did it take Electrolux so long to act since the first reported incident or were they hoping it was just an isolated case? We will never know for sure but if you do own one of the above mentioned glass gas hobs or purchased it from Singapore, please get in touch with Electrolux as soon as possible.

We have clarified with Electrolux Malaysia that the affected glass gas hob models were only sold in Singapore, the recall does not affect any of the glass gas hobs sold in Malaysia. We would however advice caution, if ever you do hear odd sounds, smells and your glass hobs working oddly, turn it off immediately and get in touch with the manufacturer for precautions sake.