Taking a softer and subtle approach to classy interior spaces

POSTED 3 years ago

Cozy yet luxurious dining area of the Amelia show unit in Sejati Residences.

Luxury is sometimes associated with more brash interior styling, one that shouts loudly that one's taste in style may skew to the more decadent. But what if you wanted a space that while luxuriously styled, still maintains a more subtle approach in design? One that promotes comfort and functionality while still maintaining its more luxurious poise. 

This design style is one that certainly feels more appealing and is beautifully encapsulated in a show unit for the Amelia semi-detached homes in the Sejati Residences residential development located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Designed by DesignStream, what was once a bare unit was transformed into a space showcasing a more subtle take luxury with a greater focus on creating spaces that provide greater levels of comfort.

In order to achieve the creation of the desired ambiance, greater focus was given to the colours and materials used, from built-in furniture to the selection of fabric for the window dressings. While these softer elements play a more dominant role overall, special care was given to ensure each space did not feel too muted. Decor pieces in the living and built-in cube shelving with more vibrant colours interspersed capture ones attention and are examples of how points of interest are beautifully incorporated overall.

But one other element ensures that the overall feel of soft luxury permeates throughout the home; this responsibility lies in the design and choices of the lighting and light fixtures used throughout. Cove lighting provides softer indirect lighting which lends to creating the desired mood while stylish chandelier light fixtures hang over the dining and stairwell to not just provide illumination during the night but also lending subtle elements of style and luxury to the overall interior.

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