Townhouse plays on contrasting light and dark elements for that beautifully unique style

POSTED 4 years ago

Contrasting elements of dark and light look stunning in the living area complemented beautifully by the timber flooring.

Deciding on colours has always been a crucial step in any renovation or interior design process. A great deal harder than it actually seems, selecting the right colour scheme for your home can transform the look within while choosing the wrong colours can totally ruin your desired overall look if not matched with care. But what if you take colours out of the equation and focus on just on the light and dark? 

Sounds ideal, but on application, it provides its own unique set of challenges. This is the exact design style opted by Nu Infinity for a townhouse that they recently completed. Tackling the implementation of a light and dark theme head on, the selection of paint, materials and finishes combined played a critical role but one that has paid off beautifully. To highlight the contrasting elements of the design theme, usage of space is first maximized to fully utilize the available width. Evident in the living area,  the use of standalone furniture to a greater extent is minimized allowing them to maximize the perception of space and the finishes incorporated. With a play on contrast with darker timber stripped feature wall combined with a simple built-in shelving which features a mirror finish the achieved look is one that flows beautifully with the wood grain of the flooring and completing its contrast against the white walls.

Continuing on with the theme in the kitchen and dining, both spaces take on individual approaches while still steering true to the overall interior design theme of this home. The kitchen creates a more framed look with darker elements used for its built-in cabinets, walls and even ceiling. To create the sense of contrast, white colour is used for the far wall with the standalone bar counter combining white and wood grain finishes. Binding these contrasting elements together in the kitchen is the tiled flooring with its different shades of grey. The dining area however, takes a brighter look and feel until one realizes that the far wall from the entrance is painted in a lighter shade of grey whilst the wall of the entryway and the section framing the glass panels are finished in a very svelte black finish.

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