Humble roof tiles create a distinctively unique home in Petaling Jaya

POSTED 3 years ago

Recycled roof tiles used to create a unique and distinctive bungalow facade.

Roof tiles... when we think of this simple item, rarely do we pay much attention to this building material except in instances when the roof of our houses is leaking. When it comes to home makeovers, the roof tiles are often given the least priority so long as they perform their intended function. The team at DRTAN LM Architects however took a differing view in the rebuilding of this bungalow in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

To create a distinctive exterior facade, the roof tiles from the original house were carefully removed, stored and later reused. To enable the use of these roof tiles in a more functional manner, vertical steel rods and holders were designed to allow the installed roof tiles to swivel and turn resulting in the upper facade to be opened or closed on demand. This feature plays more than a purely aesthetic appeal but also serves a more fundamental role.

With the roof tiles made able to swivel, not only are the owners able to determine how much privacy is given for the interior but also how much natural light and circulation is allowed in to specific areas. With the interior taking on a more raw rustic look with its red brick walls, exposed concrete finishes and antique furniture and decor pieces, the ambiance created takes you on a blast to the past but infused beautifully with modern elements to tie the design with modern design sensibilities.

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