DesignStream envisions a luxurious home set within lush surroundings

POSTED 3 years ago

Classy and modern Astonia II bungalow living area by DesignStream

40 acres of naturally lush, undulating greens with a home designed as an enclave; a retreat of sorts situated away from the maddening traffic of the city. How does one best position this proposition to prospective homeowners to capture their imagination and create a vision of what life could be like? These could have possibly some of the questions that crossed the minds of the team in Paramount Property as they searched for the right interior designer for their Astonia II bungalow offering within the Sejati Residences development in Cyberjaya.

The responsibility of developing the vision and creating the finished show unit was awarded to the DesignStream team and the results have been nothing short of amazing. The interior makes use of some classy materials to achieve the desired look of subtle luxury while softer elements infuse its spaces with a greater sense of comfort. This is evident throughout the different spaces as each is meticulously created to provide a sense of comforting luxury.

The living area is one beautiful example of this. Wood grain wall panels combined with window blinds and sheers deliver an ambiance that softens the interior while allowing in a greater amount of sunlight. Matched with beautiful furniture pieces and an intricate yet perfectly stylish flooring to complete the overall styling of the space. The flooring design element is then extended to the dining area to achieve a similar design tone. The clean design of the dining table and chairs complement the more contemporary styling contributed by the Vibia Wireflow chandelier hanging above while highlighting the space of the double volume ceiling. 

To further define its more luxurious styling, Volakas marble is used for the kitchen island, lending it a looks of stunning simplicity while contributing to the overall ambiance. The appeal of subtle luxury combined with the sleek design cues and elements used create an interior that would greatly appeal to homeowners considering making Cyberjaya home.

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