An average terrace house envisioned in an not so average way by O2 Design Atelier

POSTED 3 years ago

Modern industrial terrace house interior design in Sungai Buloh, Malaysia

When looking for terrace houses in Malaysia, you would commonly see a 22x75ft used to indicate the land area of the home and this is one of the more widely found configurations when it comes to houses of this sort. With cost of homes reaching a premium these days, often homeowners opt to maximize their available space. While it provides greater space availability within the home, it often comes at the price of creating spaces that enhance the quality of life experienced.

So it came as a surprise when we discovered that this home located in Sungai Buloh and designed by the team at O2 Design Atelier was in actuality a normal size terrace house because one thing for sure, there is nothing normal or common about the redesign that was undertaken. A unifying feature of the design and interior of the home is the extensive use of rendered cement finishes throughout the different spaces from the living, kitchen and even bedroom. The more sleek modern industrial look used in the overall design, when matched with the wood grain of the furniture and built-ins showcasing a subtle approach that creates a classy and modern feel to the interior.

But what really makes this terrace house unique is its courtyard and integrated skylight that bathes the interior with more natural light. Combined with a pair of trees growing against the party wall, the canopy of branches and leaves that hang over the courtyard help soften the often harsh tropical sunlight and creates a unique play of shadows in the spaces below. Kind of like having your very own Enchanted Forest straight out an Enid Blyton book right at home.

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TFL Gill

Hi Considering renovations to my current 2-storey intermediate terrace 22x75. How many rooms are there? Where is the staircase to upstairs? Thanks. Gill

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