Kinrara Retreat by Core Design Workshop

POSTED 3 years ago

Contemporary terrace house interior bares a minimal look.

9 November 2016, Puchong – (From the desk of Core Design Workshop) The existing home was a typical medium-cost intermediate linked unit, part of the mass housing projects built in the late 90s. The houses built then often catered to the masses by maximizing the bedroom numbers within the available space. Sadly, this meant spatial quality was often compromised. With a minimal budget, the brief called for converting this small 4 bedrooms house into a contemporary living space which caters not just for the needs of the owner’s living lifestyle but also to showcase his small private contemporary art collection.

The design was initiated from the idea of rehabilitating the abandoned backyard, resulting in the transformation of the original home with excessive subdivided rooms which restricts the inhabitant’s activity into a new adaptable and intermix open plan living space. This allows maximum flexibility yet fulfils all the basic requirements of the inhabitants with his contemporary lifestyle. The new 2-storey high metal sliding glass door opens up to create a well ventilated space with ample daylight for comfortable living in a tropical climate.

By erecting a new double height wall enclosing the originally abandoned backyard, massive dose of gentle natural daylight sifted by the foliages subtly fills the whole house highlighting the volume of space. This creates a cozy underground ambience at the ground floor as the only source of daylight comes from the skylight formed by the 2-storey high cement rendered wall. Walking into the space, the eye is drawn to the light-filled full-height glass windows framing the trees in the backyard which connects both levels of the house. Laundry and ironing activities are moved to the upper floor next to the void behind a sheer curtain, a cozy reading corner which is naturally lit all day. Coupled with views of trees in the backyard, doing laundry becomes a romantic affair for the inhabitant.

The building materials, finishes, furniture and light fittings selected for the project are not luxuries but only to complement the luxurious of the new spatial quality, enriching the inhabitants’ new spatial experience.

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