Tesla reveals new solar roof tiles and updated product range for homes

POSTED 3 years ago

Tesla unveils solar roof tiles and upgraded Powerwall battery packs for homes.

Last Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled a new range of solar roof tiles and upgraded Powerwall battery packs to enable to allow the company to help transform the way consumers generate and consume electricity for their homes. The unveiling comes ahead of a planned merger between Tesla and SolarCity (the company responsible for developing the solar roof tiles) in order to make available a complete home ecosystem which will utilize the solar panels to charge the Powerwall 2 battery packs before making the electricity generated available for consumption within the home.

While solar panels and solar roof tiles are not something new, Tesla's move into the alternative energy segment could well take on a very different approach and one which would most likely reflect similarly with how the company has designed and marketed their electric cars. Making the alternative energy segment sexy and appealing to end consumers has its benefits especially with the rising costs of electricity consumption not just in South East Asia, globally as well. Knowing that the Powerwall energy packs are capable of storing up to a days worth of electricity to power a four bedroom home including for use of lighting, refrigerator and other electrical appliances. 

An immediate point that catches one's attention is how seamlessly the tiles match your average, everyday roof tiles. On the 'Desperate Housewives' house at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, you would be actually be hard pressed to tell the solar roof tiles installed apart from its more traditional counterpart. While the solar roof tiles serve a very real purpose, the attention to the overall aesthetics of a home is not lost in its overall product design.

With the advent of more mass marketed products targeted to allow homeowners to generate and store their own electricity, the opportunities are boundless if the right balance can be reached between functional benefits and initial purchase costs. No announcement has yet been made to the cost of the solar roof tiles and its anyone's guess when these products will finally make their way to the region but it is a development worth keeping an eye out for more future news.