TTDI single storey terrace house redesigned into a modern industrial home

POSTED 3 years ago

Modern industrial taman tun dr ismail (ttdi) terrace house.

So this morning while checking on updates around the home renovation and interior design scene in Malaysia we came across this unique home located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail a suburb within Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Whats interesting is that this home originally was a single storey house that was redesigned and renovated into this unique 2.5 storey urban home featuring a distinct modern industrial design style.

But its not just the finishing's used that resulted in the desirability of the home. Thought has gone into multiple aspects from aesthetics, to the functional design of space in order to create a home that looks both good and provides more livable space within the confines of its 22x80ft land area. The entrance into the home was first split into 2 separate and unique spaces; the driveway with a doorway to provide entry into the home and a raw garden walkway filled with gravel stones with trees and shrubs adding to its more green and raw feel.

The interior on the ground floor is a sight to behold. The gable styled ceiling above the living area is finished with timber strips to provide that important contrast against the white finishes and rough cement walls. The slits above the rough cement walls also provide an important feature by allowing daylight to stream in unobstructed into the home, giving its interior a brighter feel during the day. With the timber finishing of the built-ins and the red brick wall at the kitchen area, the inside of this home looks beautifully stunning.

And guess what; its now on the market for a cool RM2.4 million. If you wanna make this house your home you can obtain more information by clicking here.



Ruslena Ramli

May I ask who was the architect and designer of this house? I’m currently looking to renovate my house and fell in love with the interior. Appreciate if you could whatsapp the contact details at 012-4680074. Thanks, Ruslena