The Turmeric Test - Choosing the right kitchen counter top

POSTED 3 years ago

Extreme testing of kitchen counter top materials with turmeric.

Renovating your home can be a costly affair and each of us wants to ensure that our investment lasts for many years to come. One key area which normally sees heavy use is the kitchen, and with the variety of materials and finishes available in the market its often a battle between budgets and selecting materials based on our desired look. For one HabitatMY reader currently in progress of renovating his home, the kitchen counter top material choice played a vital role in his decision making.

With planned heavy cooking using of tumeric and beetroot, choosing a counter top material to withstand staining easily caused by these ingredients was high on his priority list. After all, no one wants to spend thousands only to have the counter top stained irreparably a few short months down the road. For the purpose of clarity, this posting is neither a sponsored post nor was it conducted on the coercion of manufacturers of the materials highlighted.

The Staining Test

In preparation for the testing of materials, our reader first selected engineered quartz, engineered marble (botticino), engineered quartz nano white and natural Blue Pearl granite as his counter top materials of choice. Armed with a set of samples from the dealer and to prep them for this test, a corner of each material is first taped off using masking tape to ensure the staining is limited within a confined space.

Once done, freshly cut turmeric pieces are then set on the exposed taped off part of each material and allowed to sit over 24 hours to simulate excessive staining. So which do you think survived this unconventional test?

The Result

After leaving the turmeric pieces sitting on the different materials over 24 hours, each sample piece was then washed off and wiped clean to show the results. 

Engineered Quartz: Badly stained with staining reaching deep into the veins.

Engineered Marble (Botticino): Badly stained with scouring with dish pad and soap helping little.

Engineered Quartz Nano White: Spotless with turmeric stains washing off with water. Untreated cut sides however displays staining.

Natural Blue Pearl Granite: Turmeric staining rinsed off with water leaving the granite piece spotless.

While the above test may be on the extreme side, just goes to show that not all counter top materials are equal. It is therefore important to also select materials based on the planned use of your kitchen. While our reader may have simulated extreme conditions of a potential staining scenario, it has helped him shortlist his preferred choice of materials. Now all that's left is the matter of budget.




The cleaning solution, 409 works really well for removing turmeric stains. I use it on my white ceramic tiles on my kitchen tiles. We are planning to renovate or kitchen and don’t know which counter material will be best. Your information is very helpful. Do you know if 409 is safe to use on any of the 4 counter top material you tested? Engineered Quartz, Engineered Marble (Botticino), Engineered Quartz Nano white, Or Natural Blue Pearl Granite. Please advise.