Striking industrial designed apartment in Hemera Lohas Park

POSTED 4 years ago

Industrial styled Hemera Lohas Park apartment by inT DESIGN FURNITURE.

Industrial design has taken foothold with homes from Malaysia, Singapore and even Hong Kong showcasing different design styles and applications of this modern skewed home interior design. Some take the more raw approach in design but the apartment featured here today combines industrial design style with the more sleek and refined elements of a more modern style.

Located in the Hemera Lohas Park apartment complex in Hong Kong, this loft apartment redesigned by the inT DESIGN FURNITURE team showcases a stunning merger of unfinished industrial interior design style complemented by softer and more neutral modern tones. This creates an interesting combination of styles that incorporates the subtle feeling of minimalism giving the interior design a more chic modern look.

When creating an industrial styled interior, often an ambiance of rigidity can exude from the use of steel, concrete untreated timber and exposed brick. To soften these "hard" elements; colours, furniture selection and soft furnishings are then used to create a more comfortable and inviting ambiance by toning down the hard edges of the materials used. The living area beautifully expounds this with its combination of raw brick and cement rendered featured walls combined with the softer timber flooring to first create the overall industrial look while the Giormani leather sofa, curtains, carpets and decor items all help soften the overall look while creating a more inviting feel.

A simple and minimalist kitchen and dining area breaks away from the overall industrial feel of the home while taking on a more sleek and modern feel. Beautiful white built-in cabinets encompass its space, while softer indirect lighting is used to help brighten yet add a softer feel to its overall space. To add to the design sense of the space, interestingly designed display shelves outlined in black together with a similarly styled sliding door purposely draws ones attention. With its simple timber dining table and black dining chairs, the space creates an appealing look of modern minimalism.

The combination of the "harder" elements with more "soft" finishes has created a home that exudes an exquisite sense of style. A home that brings together a more cold and hard industrial design style and infuses it with elements to create a greater sense of warmth and comfort throughout.