Contemporary Damansara bungalow by Design Integra

POSTED 4 years ago

Spacious home spaces allows for more interesting space usage.

The luxury of space at home is something most would welcome. After all, it allows us greater flexibility and more spaces in which to create the spaces we need. For a bungalow, space is a key feature that comes in abundance; the floor space to transform your home into one that provides the spaces you want without having to squeeze it into a more limited space.

Designed by Design Integra, this bungalow home in Damansara, Malaysia comes with abundant space allowing the owners to create not one; not two BUT FIVE family spaces to be enjoyed. Beginning with a more contemporary styled interior theme that plays on more earthy colour elements, the interior of this home is designed to create the right ambiance of calming luxury.

Beginning from the living area, the interior is created with a lovely and plush sense of style. Soft furniture upholstery, curtains and window sheers are used to give this space a softer and elegant feel while lighting and decor are then used to enhance its appeal of space. It's not just in the main living area that this design approach is evident, its evident throughout all the spaces within this home.

One unique feature, is a cozy Moroccan styled nook that provides a cozy space to relax. Motifs of Moroccan origins is used for the partition design, while cast iron lamps is used as a key decor feature and complimenting the uniquely styled cabinet. It's dark colour for the walls combined with cozy sofa helps enhance the appeal of space while adding an element outside the ordinary, creating a point of interest in an otherwise already classy home.