Classic home interior gets a modern touch by GI Design

POSTED 4 years ago

Classic modern semi-detached house interior design by GI Design.

Balancing classical design elements with modern influences can be akin to juggling; looks easy but in actuality requires skill and good hand-eye coordination. While skill in combining classic and modern styles is a definite must, hand-eye coordination may not seem necessary but is also key in achieving clean details in the overall elements of the homes interior design.

The team from GI Design has definitely displayed these aptitudes in this recent semi-detached house project in Taman Emas located in the Banting locale of Selangor, Malaysia. On first impression, the classic elements stand out the most giving the home a distinct feel. It's only at the second glance that the more modern elements from built-in designs to space planning that really capture ones attention. The subtle yet perfectly matched ways the design styles are combined gives the different spaces a more seamless feel without running away from the overall more classic approach.

Framed styled wooden panels are used throughout the home to create the desired classic feel. Finished primarily in an immaculate white, these framed panels helps create points of focus in the different areas yet complimenting some of the more modern approaches especially in the living area. It helps the space achieve a clean yet stylish look that beautifully matches the plaster ceiling and mirror used to give a larger sense of space.

The dining and kitchen is where the combination of both design elements really come to the fore. Framed wooden finishes combined with classic styled dining table and chairs are then used together with a mix of modern and classic light fixtures, giving a more blended feel to the overall space. Blended though it may be, the dining and kitchen still look well put together. its more open design creates the perception of space while functional spaces such as the kitchen island adds greater use of space while adding to the overall design.

In summary, the interior design of this home looks beautifully thought through and well put together creating just the right mix of classic and modern. The skill and aptitude of the interior designer really comes to the fore in the overall design as well as in each specific detail used to create this beautiful classic modern home. 

Photography by Patrick Teh.