Modern contemporary Setia Alam semi-detached by ID Industries

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern contemporary interior design for a semi-detached house in Setia Alam by ID Industries.

Renovating a modern contemporary home does not necessarily mean having to do a major redesign and re-planning of spaces within. Some times all it takes is a little ingenuity, the right acumen and most importantly knowing what materials to use and create the desired look. When you put these things together well, the result can be pretty stunning, exactly like the home featured here today.

The work of the team from ID Industries, this semi-detached house in Setia Alam, Malaysia has been beautifully transformed into a stunning modern contemporary home. The first thing that captures the eye is how the interior plays on a lovely mix of grey and white colours to achieve the desired interior design style. From wall finishes to its furniture selection, grey features dominate the overall interior theme while pure white creates a lovely contrast against the slightly darker elements to give the interior a lighter feel. The Dulux painted walls also help to complement the original tile flooring giving the overall space a more complimentary feel.

The dining area with its large hanging design of the plaster ceiling is one of the key features in the home. A fascinating pendant light fixture hangs delicately over the dining table with its multiple glass balls lending a subtle sense of fragile elegance to its overall ambient feel. While the dining takes a more delicate feel, the dry kitchen's design puts on a more modern look together with its use of cement styled wall tiles and a more modern grey cabinet design adding to its overall theme. While seemingly dissimilar, the spaces together manage to stylishly come together to create a sophisticated modern contemporary look.

The overall design of this home focuses primarily on its interior aesthetics and done so in a beautifully well planned manner. The result as you see it, is a beautifully designed home that is well thought out and put together different colours and materials in a way that gives this home a stylish yet seamless feel.