Ensuring the longevity of your kitchen

POSTED 4 years ago

Kitchen accessories by Blum

The kitchen is one of the most utilized spaces within our homes and an integral part to it are our kitchen cabinets. With multiple design styles, materials and finishes, most of us focus primarily on the exterior look when thinking about the designs and styles incorporated into its overall build. But one important yet often unseen feature that performs a key role in the overall usability of our kitchens are often overlooked.

Hinges, soft-close drawer runners and the like seem like small items which have limited impact on the build of the kitchen but it is these exact items which ensure the usability of the space created and the ease in which we open and close our kitchen cabinets. These days the market is flooded with similar yet lower quality products from various sources and while it may seem to lower the overall expense in building a kitchen, in truth choosing to use lower quality products can cause more headache than necessary in the long run.

Since most are not experts in the durability of these products, we've decided to share our knowledge of some of the more reputable brands available in the market. 

Julius Blum GmbH

Julius Blum GmbH or better know simply as Blum is a worldwide brand headquartered in Germany. Founded in 1952, the company has built a reputation for itself as a premier brand providing solutions for the opening and closing of cabinets. More better known for their soft-close drawer runners, the company actually manufacturers a wide variety of solutions to make kitchens more functional spaces.

From design to manufacturing and down to quality control, Blum products are rigorously tested to ensure that the parts not only work but also last. Certified with ISO9001, when you purchase products from this company, you are ensured that their products have been tried and rigorously tested. After all, their products cost more than the average entry level item and you would expect something you've paid good money for to last.

Häfele GmbH & Co KG

Another German brand but one that is relatively unheard of amongst direct consumers is Häfele. Established in 1923, the brand has been focused within the joinery and carpentry industry since it early days. It has since expanded both its offerings to provide solutions beyond this and is now positioned more as a furniture fittings and architectural hardware solutions provider.

With this positioning, it's not hard to understand why most of us consumers have never heard or encountered the Häfele brand and range of products. However, this doesn't mean you can't visit their showrooms available globally to find something a solution you may need for your kitchen design. We had the pleasure to meet and speak with the team in Häfele Malaysia a few years back and be introduced to the different product ranges that they had available to serve the industry and professionals.

The two companies above definitely have the right accessories and fittings required for your kitchen cabinet or even wardrobe design. But more importantly using the right products not only increases the longevity of the built-ins within your home but also provide greater peace of mind, knowing that your soft close drawer runners continue to work smoothly and your hinges do not give out the much dreaded squeaking. It is after all our hard earned money spent and we should be able to enjoy these integral built-ins without worry.