Creating an ambiance of playful sophistication for an Alam Impian terrace house

POSTED 4 years ago

Industrial and cafe-like terrace house interior design by Yong Studio.

How we design our homes are often reflections of our own individual personality. Just like how each one of us is unique, so to are the designs of the place we choose to call home. For the owners, a newly married couple, this terrace house in Alam Impian located in Shah Alam, Malaysia is a place they chose to call and make home for their family. But rather than just creating a space that looks good, they wanted to create a space that reflects their more fun and easy going natures and approach to life.

In their quest of finding the right interior designer to help bring their vision to life, their search brought them in contact with Yong Studio and thus began their transformation of their home into this unique yet distinctly fun space. Taking on a more modern industrial approach, a conscious decision was made to infuse cafe-like elements into the overall design theme.

Beginning in the living room with its combination of cement rendered wall finishes and an interesting vent block feature at the entrance, the interior spaces takes on a more evident industrial approach. This is then softened through the use of timber tv floor console matched with an equally stylish brown sofa. However the design style does not end there, a black and white floor rug complements the overall space with a day bed and light green coffee table completing its overall look.

The dining area also plays on a similar look with its dining table featuring a raw timber table top and matched with steel cafe styled dining chairs. Rather than choosing similar colours, the dining chairs present a mix of colours that in return provides the space a more unique flavour. This combination of colours combined with the interesting pendant lighting and floor lamp helps complete the overall look of the space. 

But its in the kitchen that the cafe skewed design focus really stands out. A large chalkboard wall catches your attention immediately, while a bar counter  with its steel ceiling mounted shelving and timber counter top really brings to mind the ambiance of the more hipster styled cafes found around the Klang Valley. But whats even more fascinating is how the kitchen still manages to maintain its clean look even with its combination of different finishes and styles, creating a fun place to enjoy a spot of cooking.

With its unique take on a mix of industrial and cafe-like design elements, this terrace house in Alam Impian definitely presents an interesting space. One which is infused with the more fun loving and easy going nature of its owners. This is not just any space but one that they lovingly call home.