Condominium home designed with a clear design focus on its entirety

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern contemporary condominium home redesigned by Surface R with a unique touch of quirkiness.

One trap which most of us fall into when designing or coming up with a concept for our home for the first time is in taking a viewpoint on design which fragments a home into many different spaces. The trouble with this is the end result is often a mishmash of styles and elements which look good individually but often does not flow very well (or at all for the matter) with the other spaces and design styles used. It is one of the reasons that makes calling on the services of a professional all the more worthwhile, even more so if you're planning to invest a significant amount into your home renovation.

For the home owner of this condominium home in Villa Orkid, located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; a decision was reached to call on the services of the Surface R team to lend their professional expertise in the design and renovation according to the end result visualized. The home created combines a mix of quirkiness with modern contemporary interior design style to create a home that looks beautifully unique while still maintaining its own unique angle.

And its evident from the moment you approach the grille that leads into a small foyer before you walk into the home where a quirky chalkboard wall welcomes visitors in. The interior spaces of the living and dining then take on a more modern contemporary style with curtains and zebra blind helping to soften the sometimes harsh sunlight and create an ambiance that feels more soft and cozy. Hidden cove lighting provides indirect light to these spaces while downlights help to further brighten up its space. A sleek modern styled Tom Dixon pendant lighting hangs elegantly over the dining area; adding a touch of style while providing more focused yet softer lighting.

This play on lighting can even be seen in the different bedrooms where each is designed with hidden cove lighting to give each bedroom it more soft ambiance while similar downlights are also combined within to provide the bedrooms with more adequate lighting. The master bedroom in particular combines this lighting style and an equally calming colour theme to create a space that is perfect to retreat into. It's light timber flooring and the darker timber finish of the headboard and built-in cabinets combines these beautifully complimenting elements into a style both similar yet different to create an interior that automatically appeals to the senses. Even the walk-in wardrobe with this same combination, creates a spaces that looks elegant yet stunningly functional with its full height mirror cabinet sliding doors.

With the different elements of design used, you would think that this home would have looked like a patchwork of design styles. But that is hardly the case, the designs flow beautifully across the different spaces creating a look both appealing and stunningly unique. A really nice place to call home.