Modern Scandinavian home in Desa ParkCity designed to create an interesting yet cool ambiance

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern Scandinavian terrace house interior design in Desa ParkCity by Turn Design Interior (TDi)

Just mention the word Scandinavian and immediately the images of cool white home interiors offset by light timber elements and finishes comes to mind. With this particular style of interior design permeating trends not just in Asia but globally, it has become increasingly difficult to create spaces that are unique when designing a home in this particular style. This however proved to be an interesting challenge for the team at Turn Design Interior (TDi), creating a home both unique and suited to the taste of the homeowner.

The home in question, a super-link terrace house in the upmarket Desa ParkCity residential enclave, provides the perfect canvas on which the interior is beautifully transformed. Taking a more modern Scandinavian approach, the interior of this home features both the raw and rustic feel of Scandinavian design matched with the clean and sleek styling of modern home interiors. This combination results in a fascinating home interior that beautifully combines these elements together.

Starting from the open spaces of the living and dining areas, muted greys and whites form the overall background on which a more striking blue, white and grey adds an element of colour. Taking tones which are more subtle, these colours appear on the carpet selected as well as the combination of sofa and throw pillows used for the living area whereas the feature wall that forms the backdrop for the dining area adds a more textured element to the application of the design.  

It's not just these main areas which have been artfully designed and planned. Both dry and wet kitchen were also redesigned but taking on a more modern approach. Spotless white kitchen cabinets are designed and built throughout while combined with more modern light fixtures and plaster ceiling design to accentuate its overall more modern design approach. To further ensure a more seamless design theme across the different spaces, the island counter in the dry kitchen features a clean timber counter top that is reminiscent of a more common trend amongst Scandinavian styled kitchens. 

Even the bedrooms and AV room were not left untouched. Each space features a design that is focused and just right, from creating a cozy environment to enjoy the latest flicks at home or even before turning down the bed to wind down for the night. In totality, the interior design of this home has managed to hit the nail squarely on its head and by doing so created a home that is a beautifully unique expression of modern Scandinavian living.

Photography by Jason Chan N.L