30 year old TTDI terrace house receives a Nu Infinity makeover

POSTED 4 years ago

30 year old terrace house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail renovated by Nu Infinity.

Taman Tun Dr Ismail or more commonly referred to as TTDI is considered one of the more affluent suburbs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More often than not, this residential area is often associated with the more wealthy as homes here have surpassed the RM1 million price range in recent years. With the houses here built about 30 years back, the design and layout of these houses are dated and out of style with the preferred interior spaces of today.

Today's featured home relaid out and redesigned by the Nu Infinity team represents one example of such a home that has taken a path less traveled in creating a home interior that is more modern without necessarily breaking the bank with its renovation budget. From the get-go, the interior with its clean spaces, stylish broken marble flooring and simple yet perfectly planned built-ins  create the feel of a more modern home.

The interior with its new layout, creates beautifully planned spaces that provide ample space for the living, dining and kitchen while adding a sense of focus to the original classic styled staircase. The interior design approach while taking a more complimentary path has seamlessly combined both old and new elements of design. The result are spaces that look and feel as if they were designed and built specifically for one another.

It's not just the common areas which have been re-envisioned, the master bedroom together with its attached walk-in wardrobe and bathroom were also redesigned to suit the overall ambiance of this home. Taking a more Scandinavian inspired design approach, the spaces of the bedroom and walk-in wardrobe play with clean white walls complemented by its timber flooring and the light toned timber laminate finish used for it's built-in wall shelving and dressing table. A darker timber laminate finish creates an outlier in the overall design with its darker shade, but yet the overall look still feels splendidly complimentary.

While the renovation of this home may not be one that is too extensive, the changes in space layout, use of design elements and material finishes bring forth a home beautifully styled. The restraint that is subtly evident in the approach of design and the in-extensive renovation belies the belief that you do not necessarily need a large bank balance to create your desired home when you work with the right professionals, such as team of trusted website mapleleafonlinecasino.com