GI Design takes a fascinating approach for a semi-detached house in Banting

POSTED 4 years ago

Classy semi detached house in Banting redesigned by GI Design.

Wallpaper... some people love the creativity this understated finish gives a home, while others loathe just the thought of it. Is using wallpaper all that bad? Actually, no. It simply boils down to how the wallpaper is used in the home. And taking heed of the old adage of "too much of a good thing can be a bad thing" applies even in this situation. Which is precisely the position taken by GI Design in the visualization of space for this semi detached house located in Banting, Malaysia.

The owner wanted to create a greater feeling of vibrancy within and as such wallpaper was opted to achieve this task within the overall interior design. Beginning from the living area, to the dining and even within the bedrooms; wallpaper of different designs adorn the walls and add splashes of colour at intervals. This allows the colours and design of each wallpaper own a specific area without overpowering the other spaces.

This simple design approach is then combined with more modern plaster ceiling and light fixtures to give each space a hint of modernity. Combined with the selected furniture and built-ins, the different spaces then begin to take a more distinct look. The resulting spaces bring out a unique look for each section, creating a different feel as one walks through the home.