Mindgame Design creates a unique sense of space in Twins Damansara

POSTED 4 years ago

Twins @ Damansara Heights condominium with a modern oriental interior design by Mindgame Design

With the more open layout's of apartments and condominiums, creating an interior that is designed to the nines is becoming more and more visible whether on printed interior design magazines or even over online websites such as Habitat. But rare are homes that create a unique and defining personality for its interior design, one that not only sets the tone of the overall interior style but also defines the personality of specific spaces.

Located in the Twins @ Damansara Heights condominum tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is this interestingly designed home by Mindgame Design (now renamed to Paperspace). The first thing that becomes readily apparent on entering this home is the more contemporary oriental interior design styling. Taking the lead with more contemporary styled spaces, the home takes on what we've come to associate with this style of design. Open spaces feature simple yet stylish decor and lighting pieces to complement the selection of furniture used.

But what makes this home unique and stand apart from other homes is the timber finished wall and ceiling finishing surrounding the dining area and leading to a simple bar counter situated at the entrance. While you may think this timber finish is just like any other, if you pay close attention you'll start to see the more oriental influences infused into its design. The strips running up the walls and across the ceiling gives it the more oriental feel reminiscent of traditional Japanese home interiors especially when combined with its specific teak finished timber veneer.

But its not simply the detailing of the interior design of this space but the finishing touches as well that create its unique look. The built-in dining bench combined with its plush green backdrop adds a stunning contrast of colours to the space. While a hidden doorway designed to look flush with the timber finished walls hides a door way leading to the kitchen designed in a similarly complementing grey green wall colour achieved with Dulux paints and similarly teak timber veneer finished doors, giving an otherwise normal space a more mysterious look and feel.

With an interior far from the ordinary, the interior spaces of this home adds a beautifully styled interior design combined with just the right amount of uniqueness to create spaces that are not simply functional but mesmerizing at the same time. It is well planned and thought through elements such as these that really create an impact and add a wow factor to a homes design.