For Code Red Studio, the devil is in the details

POSTED 4 years ago

TWC Concept showroom in BMS Mall designed by Code Red Studio.

In the world of interior design, we often look at the overall result rather than the nitty gritty details. But to achieve the overall result, it is the details that play a crucial and pivotal role in ensuring the overall design flows seamlessly from space to space. This is even more critical when it comes to commercial spaces as each space is specifically designed to entice and excite potential customers to purchase the products on display.

For this commercial project undertaken by Code Red Studio, the client TWC Gallery wanted to refurbish an existing shop lot in the BMS Mall located in Johor Bahru to create a space to showcase some of the finest in surfaces and sanitary wares. In order to create a space that not only entices but also presents a more unique and vibrant experience packaged in modern luxurious finishes that cater to the lifestyles of potential customers.

Focusing on the detailing of each space, a basic shop lot is transformed into a luxuriously styled showroom. Spaces are sectioned according to the types of products on display and to ease customers imaginations of having these same products in their home, each space is then designed to mimic specific spaces. From kitchen to bathrooms, different luxury type finishings are used to adorn and create specific looks and styles to complement and highlight the products.

To achieve the quality and finish achieved, its the attention to detail that is paramount. It doesn't matter whether yours is a showroom for luxurious home fittings or just an average home. Any work done from simple wet works or even to using luxurious marble finishes, with the right attention to the detail and function of each space, the result can achieve even greater results. The devil is in the details after all and which is why those of us that are able to call on professionals expect this level of attention to detail.