Sleek modern spaces for a semi detached house by The Arch

POSTED 4 years ago

Puchong semi detached house interior design by The Arch.

Designing spaces within any home involves taking into consideration the overall desired space interior design. While a seemingly normal thing to take into consideration, it is often more difficult than it seems. This semi detached house with its interior designed and styled by The Arch and located in the residential district of Puchong in Selangor, Malaysia showcases a beautifully planned and designed modern interior design with just the right amount of luxuriously styled design elements.

Beginning with a light colour scheme for the living area, the space created provides not only ample space to be enjoyed but creates just the right mood for the space. Simple yet beautifully designed display cabinets created with a mix of timber and marble finishes adds a simple yet elegantly designed touch. To add on to the overall design of space and add more focus to the living area, the ceiling above is created with a simple yet equally stylish look. Designed as a square box overhead, the ceiling features cove lighting to give the living area softer lighting whereas timber styled finish is used on the sunken space adding greater focus to the overall area.

To add contrast and accentuate its modern interior theme, the dining is painted in a contrasting yet beautifully matched grey. A simple yet classy eight seater dining table is used while a artsy table top decor draws your focus to the space. If the table decor didn't draw your attention, the sleek modern chandelier hanging from the ceiling will definitely capture your attention. 

These simple yet intricate details are beautifully integrated into the different spaces within the home. Each element with its own unique look is designed and styled to suit each individual space to ensure that the right mood is created. Bringing each space together as a collective whole, a combination of individual spaces that now make a home.