Studio apartment design by LUXUR creates a space that feels much larger

POSTED 4 years ago

Stylish studio apartment in Sembawang, Singapore by LUXUR Interior Design.

Purchasing a small studio apartment may not be the ideal option for most but for some it is their first foray into property ownership. With sizes of studio apartments a great deal smaller, it offers a more affordable option. But the small sizes of these homes can some times feel claustrophobic especially when trying to squeeze more conventional space designs into its limited space.

The team at LUXUR however took this as a test of their creativity and capability to deliver a home designed to look unlike its counterparts. This 440 sq/ft studio apartment located at The Nautical in Sembawang, Singapore was redesigned to give the space a much larger feel but also creating spaces that are completely functional. Even by taking this approach, the interior of this home doesn't lack in the planning and creativity to give life to its stylishly designed interior.

From the moment you walk in, the clean white theme of the apartments interior gives it a much brighter feeling while a uniquely incorporated mirror panels creates a sense of spaciousness. A combination of wallpaper and white brick finishes on the walls gives it a clean modern contemporary style and complemented by modern pendant lighting. A 2 seater sofa combined with a higher than usual coffee table forms a simple yet cozy living and dining area. To create a point of focus within the space, an interesting nautical themed carpet in a lovely navy blue is used to bring about a splash of colour to the interior.

It's not only the details on the decor and fittings that are given thought too, even the flooring is finished to suit the mood and define spaces within. A classy marble finish graces the floor from the entrance leading to its small living space. The bedroom space however sports a more softer yet equally classy timber flooring as well as an old wood designed laminate on the built-in cabinets designed surrounding the space for the bed. With all these design elements used together to create and define spaces within the small space of this studio apartment, the result however is still one that is beautifully unique.