Bukit Jelutong terrace house gets the Surface R touch

POSTED 4 years ago

Living area in a Bukit Jelutong terrace house is transformed into a modern contemporary space.

Terrace houses in Malaysia come in many different designs and styles but coming across one that has been beautifully redesigned does not happen very frequently. The terrace house we have featured here today is just one example of a terraced home remodeled according to its owners preference to create a home both stylish and beautifully unique.

Rather than taking the conventional route of using a contractor, the owners appointed interior designers from Surface R to visualize and transform the home into that which you see here.The living area takes on a chic modern approach in its design style and selected finishes. Mirror strips added to one of the walls helps give its a space a more subtle feeling of spaciousness, while a wooden platform featuring a tatami styled sitting space gives the space a sense of uniqueness.

The study with its interesting directional arrows styled built-in cabinets gives the space an interesting look with its timber styled laminate finish. The design and styling provides ample space for storage whiles the length of the table top provides work space but also space for the owner to showcase some decor pieces in simple yet stylish manner.

But it's the bedroom with its pitched roof which really caught our eye. The slant of the ceiling is easily visible in this space with a small window to naturally light up the room during the day. By using a combination of dark timber finishes and light wall colours, the design presents an interesting contrast of light and dark. But whats even more fascinating is that the timber panels facing the bed actually hides a doorway to the bathroom and designed flushed with the built-in wardrobe.

It is these simple yet well thought through design elements which really makes this home stand apart from the ordinary. The more contemporary design is just one facet of this home but even more important is the application of design in creating beautiful yet functional spaces.