TDi creates contemporary elegance in Desa Park City

POSTED 4 years ago

Desa Park City terrace / linked house designed by Turn Design Interior (TDi).

Located in the popular enclave of Desa Park City in Malaysia is this contemporary yet elegant terrace / linked home. The work of the team from Turn Design Interior (TDi), this home has had its interior redesigned to create spaces both modern yet comfortable while more stylish elements were used to give it a more stylish feel. Making full use of its 6,196 sq/ft, each area was also designed to enhance the perception of space.

On the ground floor, the living, dining and kitchen areas are designed in a large open planned space to create a larger sense of space. Specific elements were then incorporated into the design to create a unique identity and look for each of these spaces. The living area features a more classy design with its marble look feature wall flanked by timber styled laminate finishes whereas the dining area plays on a more contemporary design with its 3D timber finished wall design combined with contemporary light fixtures design.

With the living and dining areas playing up on the more classy and contemporary styles, the kitchen takes on a more modern design approach. Separated into dry and wet kitchen areas, the interior design plays up on more modern elements. Kitchen cabinets in the dry kitchen are finished in a stylish gloss white matched with black countertops and mustard coloured inserts for the island and back splash. The wet kitchen also plays up on the modern details while situated in its glass enclosed space, giving it a more spacious sense of space. Using an interesting mix of grey countertops and purple back splash finishes, the wet kitchen gives of a more vibrant feel while complementing the overall design.

But the one space that fascinated us the most in this terrace / linked house was definitely the AV room. Plush red carpets on the floor combined with fiber optic lights to illuminate the dark ceiling and create a sense of being under a star filled sky brings about a space perfect for enjoying a movie  or even for enjoying some soothing tunes. With the rest of this Desa Park City home equally beautifully styled, creating spaces that not only look good but beg to be enjoyed.