ID Industries designs a home in Ara Damansara with modern minimalist look

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern minimalist interior design by ID Industries Sdn Bhd.

Designing a home with a distinct modern minimalist feel can prove to be quite a challenge. After all how do you infuse a sense of personality while trying to declutter the ambiance within the home. But for this bungalow home in Ara Damansara, the interior created while exudes the stylish yet subtle sense akin to that of an art gallery, has beautifully given the home a unique personality.

The transformation of this home was handled by the team from ID Industries, the company responsible for the beautiful spaces created in this home. The living area with its clean minimalist look exudes a soothing sense of calm while the Volacas marble flooring infuses the space with a exquisite sense of classiness. The marble flooring is used throughout the ground floor to further infuse the other spaces with an equally classy feel.

Keeping in line with the design of the living area, the dining space features a unique look as well. The first thing that captures the eye is the beautiful solid timber dining table and chairs which beautifully contrast the overall minimalist feel of its space. A beautiful white CNC machined partition separates the dining from the living beautifully and adds another unique facet of design to the interior.

Painted with Dulux paint, the clean white interior and the modern plaster ceiling design when combined with the modern lighting sourced from Wong Lighting definitely creates an interior that mesmerizes. Its modern styling, clean minimalist style and clever design touches makes this home beautifully unique.

Photography by Gavin Yam.