Alam Impian terrace house treated with a contemporary design by Mindgame Design

POSTED 4 years ago

House 9 interior design in Alam Impian by Mindgame Design

Creating a home that looks and feels good is a fine balance of design combined with the right materials and fittings to achieve the result desired. Often a combination of design styles can fall flat when the different elements used fail to properly complement each other. In this terrace house in Alam Impian, Malaysia by Mindgame Design (now renamed to Paperspace) the design plays on a more modern contemporary interior combined with finishes more frequently associated with a more tropical design.

The exterior of the house creates a more tropical feel with stone finishes cladding the pillars and beam holding up the porch, complemented by red brick walls while a simple garden adds a touch of green while softening the overall feel of the exterior. This lends a more tropical feel to the exterior design but indoors the approach to the interior design takes on a more modern contemporary approach.

To maintain a flow between the design approach inside and outside, some similar elements were brought in to provide design continuity. Timber elements are infused throughout the home, used as feature walls and ceiling as well as incorporated into the overall design of the built-in cabinetry this creates a softer feel to the overall interior while creating the more tropical feel desired even within its modern contemporary interior.

This same style of infusing the interior with timber elements is even incorporated into the common areas and bedrooms upstairs. The balanced use of materials matched with colours selected for each space gives off a clean yet fascinating feel, creating an ambiance that provides a more soothing feel while still managing to absolutely intriguing.