Valencia bungalow redesigned by Design Integra to create a modern tropical home

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern tropical bungalow design in Valencia, Malaysia by Design Integra.

With Malaysia located on the equator, and blessed with an abundance of sunshine all year round, we often find homes designed to maximize on this. Features such as skylights, louvered and glass windows along with pitched roofs are all used to help sunlight stream into the home while still promoting air flow and minimize daytime heat within the home.

A bungalow located in the Valencia residential area of Sungai Buloh, Malaysia was redesigned by the team at Design Integra and given a more cozy tropical inspired design combined with modern elements. This has helped to beautifully create a home while filled with a more relaxed tropical feel is infused with subtle modernity keeping its design of the different spaces aligned with modern home design trends.

One key feature that captures the attention in the living area is the incorporation of glass windows and doors around the space of the living area. It helps not only create a larger sense of space but also effectively blurs the separation of the indoor and outdoor areas. Combined with its spacious layout, warm earthy colours and combination of furniture, the living room exudes a sense of soothing calmness.

The kitchen however takes a very different approach in its space design. The more modern finishes combined with its design creates a space that not only gives off a distinct sense of style but also provides added functionality. Kitchen cabinets finished with black gloss give off the desired modern look while the island and casual dining table feature a luxurious granite finish that gives the space a sense of class.

But it's not only the interior that looks stunning as you can see in the photos, the outdoor spaces too have not been neglected. An outdoor patio facing a koi pond is designed to create a more modern space for relaxation, while subtle design elements more commonly found in Balinese themed outdoor spaces gives the space a unique look. But even more stunning is the swimming pool space with its water feature and flanked by two frangipani trees creates a place perfect for relaxation in this stunning modern tropical home.