Small interior spaces in a Vietnamese home redesigned with an unconstrained layout by NatureArch Studio

POSTED 4 years ago

Narrow house in Vietnam redesigned and built by NatureArch Studio.

Small and narrow layout for houses are often viewed as undesirable because often spaces within these houses are planned to maximize spaces. This often leads to the perception of more cramped areas, making the homes feel a great deal smaller. For the owner of a home in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam sitting on a plot measuring 11.5ft (w) x 59ft (l) the brief to NatureArch Studio was to transform the existing home to create more versatile interior spaces.

To add more space within the home, first the structure was rebuilt up to 3 storeys adding more space within the home. With the additional floor space available, spaces within the home were then redesigned in order to maximize its utility of space. This redesign creates spaces that feel more livable and designed in more modern styles. From the living area, dining and bedrooms, each space maximizes its use of the available width while a stairwell is designed into the centre of the house. Utilizing a skylight directly above the stairwell, sunlight is also allowed into the home and naturally brighten its interior.

To give the home a more spacious feel, the walls are painted white whereas timber elements from partitions to flooring provide a contrast of colours while lending a softer feel to the overall design. Looking at the photo's below, its easy to forget that this home is only 11.5ft wide which really goes to show that any home can be transformed with the right layout, finishes and available funds. 

Photography by Quang Tran.