Courtyard styled Japanese home by UID Architects presents an interactive space relationship

POSTED 4 years ago

Japanese home features a garden courtyard that permeates the home with a sense of calm.

Homes come in different styles and designs, each created with the needs of their owners in mind. When living in a fast-moving city, more often than not green spaces are a luxury to enjoy but for a homeowner in the city of Fukuyama in the Hiroshima Perfecture, Japan it was a feature that they wanted integrated into the design and relationship of spaces created within the home.

To achieve the desired interaction with the more green spaces, UID Architects designed its living spaces around a garden courtyard. This focused design creates a sense of living integrated with garden which contributes greatly to a more calming ambiance. While the garden courtyard is the focal point, the finishes used for the interior consisting of raw concrete and timber also add to this desired ambient effect.

But whats adds to the overall appeal of this home is the creation different levels that house the various spaces. Each is planned in such a way that each space is provided with views to the garden courtyard and ensuring that the calming ambiance created by the greenery is able to be enjoyed throughout the home. The beautiful thing about this home is that unlike most others, the focus here is not on maximizing space but creating a home environment that can truly be enjoyed.

Photography by Hiroshi Ueda.