Two terrace houses transformed into an urban retreat by Seksan

POSTED 4 years ago

Sekeping Tenggiri terrace house in Bangsar by Seksan.

What first began as an intermediate and corner terrace houses were beautifully transformed by Seksan Design as an urban retreat within the city. Located in a barely noticed nook in the upmarket area of Bangsar, Malaysia; these terrace houses were transformed into a private art gallery of its founder Ng Sek San as well as a seven bedroom guest house which is open for rental to guests.

But the focus today is not about the retreat experience but more on the design foundation of these uniquely transformed terrace houses. Sek San, a landscape architect by profession is a firm believer in incorporating local elements into his designs and these are noticeable in the elements used. Beginning from the selection of plants used, to more subtle elements such as the windows, each element is used to give the space a more local feel.

Working together with the more unfinished design of the houses with its raw red bricks, unfinished concrete and unpainted classic windows and doors, the design practically screams a more traditional Malaysian feel while still managing to a stylish modern industrial feel to its overall spaces. 

The garden to the side is equally splendid. A decent sized lap pool situated to the side allows one to take a dip while enjoying its more serene surroundings. Even if you don't feel up for a swim, the garden also incorporates sitting spaces to allow for a more laid back enjoyment of the garden while seated on custom designed and built wireframe furniture. The incorporation of more local elements into the design of Sekeping Tenggiri just goes to show that you don't need to gain inspiration from markets beyond Malaysia when equally beautiful design ideas and inspirations are available right in our backyard.

Photography by Soopakorn Srisakul