Modern minimalist home in Kota Damansara by Core Design Workshop

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern contemporary bungalow design in Kota Damansara by Core Design Workshop.

Most houses that are built by property developers in any neighbourhood usually adhere to the same design. Some introduce slight variations in the floor plans or exterior design but overall most look similar with its neighbours. For the owner of this detached residence located at the Polo Club in Kota Damansara, Malaysia the brief was to create something unique and dissimilar to neighbouring houses.

Following through with a minimalist contemporary approach, Core Design Workshop uses the overall modern design and creates spatial plays with the different spaces both within as well as with the green garden surrounding the house. The exterior design of the house while featuring a more modern look also separates the spaces within into two separate wings. Connected by walkways, this design approach gives the home a more open and spacious feel. A central lily pond situated in the courtyard splitting both wings provides more sunlight to stream into the home.

Given its more open design, the interior itself takes on a more minimalist approach where white dominates the walls within the interior. But it's not just the walls that take on this minimalistic approach. The kitchen cabinets also follow through with this design angle with its gloss white finishing while a black kitchen island lends contrast as well as focus to the overall design of space. The living and dining areas also utilize more subtle design approaches. A concrete slab feature wall lends a raw feel to the otherwise more sterile look of the interior. A beautiful solid timber dining table and matching chairs combined with the more modern contemporary design of the Wireflow lighting from Vibia giving the space its more modern contemporary feel.

While form does not necessary follow function nor function to follow form in the design of this fascinating home, both however are able to seamlessly co-exist in coherence and harmony. With its inspiration drawn from Japanese contemporary architecture, this minimalist Malaysian home emphasises on inter-relationship between the spaces within the home.