Yong Studio creates a home-like ambiance for their design studio

POSTED 5 years ago

Yong Studio interior designer office creates an ambiance of cool and fun design style.

Most work spaces are often viewed as boring or even considered places that sap the creativity out of the people who work there. For Yong Studio, creativity is an important factor in every day work especially when the work revolves around working with homeowners to transform their homes from the everyday run-of-the-mill look and feel to interiors that exude a definitive style and personality.

With their recent re branding exercise and transformation to meet the growing needs of their clients, a new design studio was created for the Yong Studio team. It represents a space that the founder Steph Low has envisioned to enhance the creativity and enthusiasm of the team in creating homes unique to the desires and needs of the homeowners that have engaged their services.

The design studio here takes on a modern contemporary approach and creates spaces that feels like home. With a more laid-back approach to the planning of its different spaces, it creates areas that allows the team to work in more informal settings and in ways that allows their creative juices to flow. From the fun yet cozy living area, to the casual dining space and even the fully equipped kitchen, each space is designed to allow the team to relax while striving to meet project deadlines and facilitates a more open working environment. 

And if anyone needs some quiet time alone, one unique feature integrated into the design is a loft level in this single storey terrace house. Walking up the fascinating staircase mounted to the wall, opens up a space thats just perfect for idea brainstorming or even to catch up with reading on the latest design developments from around Malaysia and the region. An integrated skylight creates a space that feels bright and airy while a custom designed netting provides an area to lie back and enjoy the sunlight streaming in.

To promote creativity, often offices themselves need to be created in more creative styles. With Yong Studio's new design studio, it is one that promotes more open communication amongst the members of the team while also invigorating the design process which is key in any creative industry.