Dreamy 900 sq/ft condominium interior by Zeng Interior Design Space

POSTED 4 years ago

Classy and modern interior design for a Wellesley condominium home by Zeng Interior Design Space.

There are many iterations for creating an interior design style to infuse a sense of calming classiness. Through the use of different colours and materials combined with the combination of furniture and decor, the possibilities are seemingly endless. For the owner of this 900 sq/ft Wellesley condominium unit located at the Harbour Place development in Butterworth, Malaysia the goal was to transform the spaces within to create a calming ambiance to relax it while still managing a classy design style.

The resulting design style by Zeng Interior Design Space (ZIDS), leverages extensively on timber finishes to lend the interior its cozy yet classy feel. Laminates with a timber finish welcome as you walk into the home and is used selectively as wall features in the living, dining and kitchen areas. Combined with the timber laminate flooring used throughout these common areas, the home is infused with the beauty of timber.

With the open design of the interior, elements were incorporated into the different spaces to give each its own individual look. For the living area, its space is first defined by the plaster ceiling above with its cove lighting design while a lovely turquoise carpet adds an eye catching element on the floor. The dining on the other hand utilizes a interesting mosaic pattern as the finish on the ceiling above. Complemented by modern lighting and an interesting wall shelving for decor, the dining area is provided with its own unique feel.

This combination of timber finishes for the walls and floor combined with the more stylish modern details creates in this home a classy yet cozy ambiance. With the well placed details incorporated into its overall design, this condominium home that is beautifully unique while still capturing the essence of modernity and class.

Photography by Yao Choon.