Modern tropical terrace house design by AR43 Architects

POSTED 4 years ago

Modern tropical Paterson 3 terrace house in Singapore by AR43 Architects.

Just mention the name Orchard Road in Singapore and images of a bustling commercial district comes to mind to those familiar with its location. It then comes as a surprise to discover this 2 uniquely designed corner terrace houses located within walking distance of this well known area more known for its shopping centers and hotels. 

Tucked away in the quiet haven of Lengkok Angsa, these two terrace houses designed by AR43 Architects emphasizes spatial integration between the indoors and outdoors through the use of full height glass sliding panels and windows. To complement this more open design, a mix of timber wall cladding and dark metal elements highlights the extensive use of glass, giving the home a more unique design finish. This allows more sunlight into the home while still creating an external facade design that is unique. 

With its more open design, the house takes a more playful turn with the inclusion of a courtyard and water feature which acts as a break between the front and rear spaces of this home. Stepping stones and a bridge connecting the different sections of the home were used in the courtyard to give it a more interesting feel when moving between the different areas. To further add a more tropical ambiance within this area, a vertical garden is planted against one wall while the others feature timber cladding similarly as that used on the exterior.

At the end of it, all these elements have come together beautifully to create a home that provides interestingly planned spaces while infusing the interior with a unique modern interior with an intriguing tropical feel.

Photography by Albert Lim KS