Urban contemporary Kenanga Residence by Design Integra

POSTED 4 years ago

Kenanga Residence in Sierramas by Design Integra.

Located in the upscale residential neighbourhood of Sierramas in Sungai Buloh, Malaysia is this classy and sleek semi-detached house designed by Design Integra. In the creation of distinct and classy spaces that look simple takes a great deal of planning and forward thinking in order to achieve the desired style. This is where the services provided by professionals really come into play.

The simplicity yet classy angle of design clearly seen even from the living area with its unique mix of timber and mirror materials for the wall and ceiling feature. This blending of materials elevates the look and feel within the living area and creating a defining design element that clearly indicates the boundaries of its space. Combined with a sleek modern lighting positioned in the middle of the space, its furniture and carpet selection; the living area is given a more modern yet subtle urban style.

The kitchen and dining areas also follow suit with similarly styled spaces, each with a design specific to create a more modern and urban feel while ensuring the spaces meet their functional requirements. The dining area with its more simple and no less classy approach leverage on stunning curtains combined with a sleek round dining table and equally unique yet cozy dining chairs to define its style while still complementing the beautiful marble flooring.

The kitchen on the other hand focuses more on creating a useable yet beautifully designed area. Gloss black kitchen cabinet doors is used for most of the built-in cabinets. An exception is made for some of the floor cabinets finished in a lovely dark timber laminate to create an ascent and inject a sense of character to the overall design. Beyond the aesthetics, the kitchen provides a fully functional space with plenty of storage space and complete with a kitchen island clad in dark granite that's just perfect for casual dining.

The bedrooms also allude to a similar urban contemporary design style design but positioned to create a more calming ambiance. Taking its lead from the overall emphasis played by the solid wood flooring, the bedrooms follow through with a more earthy colour theme with elements used to create a more modern and urban feel. Similarly to the other spaces, space functionality was paramount with each bedroom designed to allow better movement throughout its available space.