Modern art styled spaces created by Nu Infinity for a Rimbun Vista terrace house

POSTED 5 years ago

IJM Land Rimbun Vista show unit interior design by Nu Infinity.

Located within the tranquil ambiance of the Seremban 2 township in state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia is this fascinatingly designed terrace house by the Nu Infinity team. Functioning as a show unit for potential owners to explore the possibility of home ownership within this IJM Land developed township, the design and style of the interior had to not only entice but excite the imagination.

Keeping this direction in mind, the design of this terrace house interior takes on playful yet artfully designed interior. From the living area with its uniquely designed ceiling, to the dining area and its fascinating and contemporary styled artificial grass wall installation; each space is styled differently while still holding true to the overall design theme of the interior. While the unique elements take the forefront, the functionality of each space is not left neglected.

The living area presents an interesting mix of more calmer earthy tones combined with fluorescent green elements used at the entrance and in the design of the TV wall panel. While the colour combination may be somewhat unusual, there is however nothing unusual to the sense of vibrancy created within the living area. With the complementing ceiling design and views of to the indoor courtyard, the living area is filled with a sense of life that befits its purpose.

The dining area also incorporates a more stylish design to fully maximize its available space. Designed to provide a fluid transition of space between the dining area and the dry kitchen, a custom built dining table combined with a island counter was first designed to fit into the available space. Wooden dining chairs used beautifully contrast yet complement the artificial grass mounted to the wall while mirror finishes for the built-in cabinets provides a greater sense of space while adding to the overall aesthetics of the dining and dry kitchen. With the bi-fold doors opening out to the central courtyard, this space benefits from the same sense of life.

Together with the beautifully designed bedrooms as you'll see in the pictures below, the interior design of this terrace house show unit beautifully captures the potential lifestyle one can expect from owning a home in this growing township. Combined with the design acumen shown through the interior design style, the interior of this IJM Land show unit definitely creates an enticing proposition while still creating spaces that are beautifully designed to excite.