Luxurious Grande condominium interior by Mindgame Design

POSTED 4 years ago

Classy and luxurious Tropicana Grande home by Mindgame Design.

Nestled in a suburb of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia is the luxurious Tropicana Grande condominium that is located just adjacent to the Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. With private lift lobbies and full height glass facades that provide views of the golf course, luxury is a key defining feature of the overall development of this condominium. It doesn't take much thought to know that most owners would want their home to reflect the surroundings of this luxury abode.

To create a home which features stunning simplicity while still creating a luxurious ambiance, Mindgame Design (now renamed to Paperspace) was given the task of designing and transforming this home into the luxurious spaces seen here. Beginning with the common spaces of the living, dining and kitchen; the interior design of this home take on a modern minimalist style with black and white elements dominating the different spaces. Creating simple yet well designed spaces, the home maximizes on its more open plan design while incorporating elements of luxury and style such as the marble feature wall at the dining and the red sofa in the living area.

The sofa with its red design, is the one single item that draws ones attention upon entering the home. It create a focus point that is positioned almost to the middle of the available space while also subtly highlighting the other design elements used. This approach is also used beautifully in creating the different designs and styles of the bedrooms; each designed in its own unique way. From the master bedroom with its classy travertine feature wall, to another with a grey slate styled wall finish; the bedrooms each showcases different elements of style and luxury while still creating spaces that still give off a softer and soothing ambiance.

The overall design approach take with this home definitely exudes a definitive sense of class and style, with the home designed to perfectly complement the luxurious condo development its located in. The approach while seemingly simple actually shows the amount of thought that has gone in to create this home, and when you own a home with luxurious surroundings, having the same design style within your own home is something the rest of us would want too.